Quick! Now’s the time to catch the chilled vibe at the Siam Gypsy Junction Night Market in Bangkok before it gets discovered by everyone!

Dimmed lights, bearded Harley riders, trendy barbers, vintage vinyl, dream catchers and tasty burgers. That’s the Siam Gypsy Junction Night Market (ชุมทางสยามยิปซี), at it’s finest. We don’t always want to give out our best secrets, but at the same time, we want to share our awesome experiences in our beloved city of Bangkok.


The city can be crazy and overwhelming, some love it some hate it. We absolutely loved living our laptop lifestyle in Bangkok. It was love at first sight. After a month in Thailand, we hopped to Laos, spent 3 months in Vietnam, chilled in Cambodia and got our two-month Thai visas in Singapore, only to come back to Bangkok and make it our digital base.

After much research, we ended up renting a 1 bedroom condo in the Bang Sue area in northern Bangkok, away from the central touristy bits of the city. As we walked the streets of our new neighbourhood in search of good street food, a friendly American and his girlfriend called us into a restaurant. They had lived in Bangkok for the last two years so spilt the beans about all the treasures of Bang Sue area over a bowl of flat Thai noodles.

Walking Street in Bangkok

And that’s how we learned about the Siam Gypsy Junction, one of Bangkok’s trendiest night markets. Believe us or not, but even some of the local Thai’s didn’t know about it. We felt really smug inviting our lovely friend May from Cooper Bangkok Hostel to our trendy neighbourhood for a cool Chiang and a burger.

Ahh, we miss the Chiang Beer and we can already hear your question:

What’s So Cool About the Siam Gypsy Junction Market?

Well, everything.

First of all, the location. The Siam Gypsy Junction is located right by the main track of Thailand’s National Railway. We lost count of how many times we cheered and waved to the passers-by on a screechy train in the twilight hours as it was wiggling its way towards the Hua Lamphong train station.

 Siam Junction Night Market, Walking Street

Our favourite place to watch the haunting train lights approaching us was from the top of an old double-decker bus/bar. It was usually just us two, with a pint of Chiang and a bucket of ice that melted way too quick in Bangkok’s intense heat.

The whole Siam Gypsy Junction night market is like a never-ending 1.6km dimmed tunnel. It starts with vintage traders spread right out on the ground with their blankets or tiny foldable stalls. They are selling all kinds of stuff from film camera gear to 1950s vintage signs. A true treasure hunt!

 Siam Junction Night Market, Trendy Barbers in Bangkok

As you walk further in, you get the feeling that you’ve travelled a little further than Bangkok, all the way to the American Wild West. It’s the wooden facades of the shops and dusty goods inside that give that feeling. But the vibe here is great.

Then it was the turn of the trendy barbers, located in between the bars and vintage shops. It’s just an open room with large mirrors and an old 80’s style hair dryer for decor, but it’s always busy. One of those great scenes from a life of a true Thai hipster.

Next door on this walking street in Bangkok is the clear-cut leather belt and handbag shopkeeper. A dreamy shop full of floating dream catchers and native Indian headpieces draws my attention next door. It’s all so colourful.

 Siam Junction Night Market

The Siam Gypsy Junction Market is especially lively on Friday and Saturday nights. There are live Thai bands in many of the bars who love to belt out some good old western rock anthems.

It was one of our last nights in Bangkok when Charlie did the honours of singing “We are the Champions’ with the local band, great times!

How About the Food?

The food is fabulous, but please don’t judge us for eating a hearty burger in the land of the best local food on the planet. We’d been touring SE Asia on a budget for 8 months so, wanting to sink your teeth into something a little bit more comforting and closer to our own culture is simply inevitable. We had plenty of noodles, sticky rice, lok laks and cau lao’s during our Southeast Asia trip.

 Siam Junction Night Market. Food in Bangkok

Our favourite place at the Siam Gypsy Junction market was Chic Burger, a teeny tiny narrow restaurant with a grill outside where the meat was prepared for our mouthwatering burgers. Paired with a bottle of nice cool Chiang, it’s a match made in heaven.

It’s also worth mentioning the long-established Bang Son Market (ตลาดบางซ่อน) along the parallel side of the train tracks. Here you can find more traditional Thai street food delights at significantly lower prices.

We often picked up some fresh vegetables, roasted corn, delicious chicken skewers and even caramel flavoured popcorn for just a few Baht each. Bargain.

How to Reach the Siam Gypsy Junction Market

We were lucky to have lived nearby this fabulous place which is still pretty much a very local hangout space. The market was within a 10-minute walk from our Bangkok condo.

From central Bangkok – take the Blue Line MRT towards Tao Poon Station then change over to the Purple Line MRT and head just 1 stop north to Bang Son Station.

Siam Gypsy Junction Market is just across the main road from Bang Son Station. 

Alternatively, you can take a tuk-tuk from Bang Sue MRT Station, around 8km away.

Google Map showing the location of Siam Gypsy Junction Market:

Have you been to Siam Gypsy Junction Night Market? What did you think? Hipster heaven or overrated? Let us know in the comments below… 

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