MapTrotting is a fast-growing travel blog with a focus on value and inspiration. We are professional travel writers creating high quality, well-researched content based directly on our personal experiences living as digital nomads.

The majority of our 12,000+ online traffic comes via organic search from people who are looking for travel content and inspiration. Partnering with us gives you the opportunity to connect directly with our highly engaged readers.

People are making or changing their travel plans based on our advice and tips. Let us help you to reach them easily with your product, brand or message.

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We offer brands, hotels, and destinations worldwide the opportunity to partner with us.

Gain social shares, articles and online exposure directly targeted at our readership.

Benefit from our influence and relationship with our readers who trust the MapTrotting brand.

Reach an engaged following who make travel choices based directly on our advice and tips.


Hotel Promotion: 2 nights+ in exchange for 1 article and 10 social media shares.

Travel Products/Reviews: 1 article plus social shares negotiable.

Give Aways: We can run competitions for our online audience.

Email us to discuss these and other promotional opportunities.


  • Minimum of 20 social shares
  • Minimum of 2 articles
  • A possibility of paid promotions

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