In this must-have campervan accessories guide, you’ll find a list of items that are essential for a fun, comfortable and safe journey in your motorhome or van conversion.

We’ve got a comprehensive list of essential items for your campervan kitchen, bathroom and day to day living needs.

On top of this, there are some great suggestions for money management, WiFi connectivity, navigation, and legal stuff when hitting the road in the EU.

Let’s check them out.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you make a purchase. Thank you! 

Best Campervan Accessories For the Road

Campervan Accessories: Our white van conversion in the Scottish wilderness

Plan Your Route and Find the Best Camping Spots

The European road atlas and All the Aires books are essential campervan accessories to have in your home on wheels.

All the Aires books are especially helpful when travelling around France (North & South), Spain and Portugal. They contain key information about each Aire, a campervan-friendly parking space, all over the country.

We used the books extensively and found them to be very useful for finding Aires with showers, drinking water or basic, free and safe parking lots in small villages. We really recommend the books.

Despite using Google Maps for the bulk of our driving navigation, we still carry a trusty European Road Atlas as a backup. It’s a good way to get an overview when doing some longer-term route planning for any capervan or caravan trip.

Level up Your Campervan

Levelling blocks might not come to mind immediately when thinking of campervan accessories. But they are an important part of any campervan accessories kit.

A leaning van is not very comfortable to cook, relax and sleep in – trust us on that!

Wild camping and even some campsites aren’t always pitch-perfect. 

Having just two basic levelling blocks helps a lot with levelling up your home on wheels.

Be Compliant with a European Safety Kit

Planning to travel around Europe in a van? You’ll need the European Safety Kit.

Hopefully, you will never need to use it, but it’s one of the must-have campervan accessories if you want to be compliant on the EU roads.

If you get stopped by police during their random checks, you’ll be asked to show the safety kit plus the following three items: headlamp stickers, country stickers, and LPG gas stickers.

Deflect Your Headlamp Beam Right Now

Just like the European safety kit, headlamp stickers (for UK vehicles only) are compulsory by law in the EU.

The self-adhesive stickers help to adjust the beam so that you don’t blind the oncoming drivers. Remember to stick them on as soon as you cross over into Europe.

And vice versa, if you are bringing a campervan/motorhome into the UK from mainland Europe, you should check the regulations for headlamp stickers.

You can get the stickers separately, but it comes included in the above mentioned European Travel Kit. 

Get Your Country Sticker On

According to the EU law, you are required to display a sticker with the appropriate country identification letters (i.e., GB) on your vehicle. The exception applies if your number plate already includes a Euro sign and the letters (GB).

Apply LPG Stickers

Another item you need to remember to get before travelling to/in Europe is the LPG gas sticker.

If you are using the LPG gas in your campervan, you are required to add a sticker inside the van to indicate the placement of the gas bottle.

Plus, you need to place another sticker to the outside of your van in case of emergencies, next to your GB sign for example.

Be Fire-Prepared

While this is not a legal requirement, you should still get a small fire extinguisher and a blanket for your own safety. Place it somewhere easy to access and close to an exit

Fire can spread rapidly in a motorhome and these two items could save your life.

Stay Safe – Monitor Carbon Monoxide

Another gadget, not required by law, but recommended by many van lifers is the carbon monoxide detector. Having one will give you peace of mind, especially during sleep.

 It will help detect if there’s any gas leaking in your motorhome and help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

It’s a small gadget and doesn’t take up much space. Plus, the battery, once activated, should last for around 7 years.

Ease Your Driving with a Reversing Camera

Reversing a big campervan is no easy job even for an experienced driver. Therefore, the reverse camera is a great gadget and a super-useful accessory for any size campervan or motorhome.

It takes a bit of technical knowledge to install it, but it will save you so much hassle on the road. If you aren’t confident with electrical gadgets, you should get an electrician to install it for you.

Stay Cool with Insulation Blinds

One of the biggest regrets we had when first travelling in a campervan was not having some internal thermal insulation blinds.

On hot and sunny days, it would have helped us to keep the van cool, and on colder and windy days, keep it warmer.

Now we have the blinds and use them almost every day. Not only they are great for regulating the temperature but also give you more privacy.

We can now sit on the swivel front seat with lights on, read a book or work on a laptop without attracting any attention.

quick tip: these blinds come in different sizes so check your make and model before ordering!

Keep the Nosey Passers-by Out of Your Van

Even with the insulation blinds, a pair of blackout curtains are very useful for the bulkhead area.

Plus, soft furnishings make the campervan much cosier inside.

They are especially useful when leaving your campervan in a public parking lot. 

Drawing the curtains restricts the nosey passers-by peeking into the van through the front window.

top tip for van conversions: blackout curtains are especially handy if you are trying to be "stealthy". Avoid bright-coloured linings though - grey or black is better for making it look like a working van. Also, remember to measure your space before buying

Stay Organised with Tech Travel Organiser Bag

Living in a campervan comes with its own challenges. One of them is the USB cables and chargers ratling all over the van. You can try using bulldog clips to keep them neat.

But they still somehow end up hiding away when you need them the most.

Work and Blogging Essentials in a Campervan

Top Campervan Accessories for Working & Blogging on the Road: MacBook, Router & a Bamboo Mug with mountain scene.

A Laptop That Lasts

If you are planning on fully immersing yourself into van life, you’ll need a good laptop which can withstand hours of daily use.

Especially if you are thinking of working online, investing in a good one is essential.

To be able to live and travel in our van conversion full time, we both earn money online plus run – this lovely little travel website.

Therefore, we both have a Macbook Pro each. Because it’s our main work as well as an entertainment tool, we wanted to invest in something that will last us for a long time and it’s certainly up to the task.

We don’t own a TV or radio either, so we use our laptops to catch up on our favourite TV shows and YouTube channels too.

See the latest deals on an Apple MacBook Pro here

WiFi – 4G Router, Get the Right One

No wifi = no fun, right? If you are looking at sustaining your van life via online work, you won’t get away without any wifi either.

Cafes can be expensive, distracting and are not so available in the countryside.

If you want to stay connected on the go we recommend getting the Teltonika RUT240 4G LTE Router. 

We use wifi extensively and wanted a gadget that’s robust enough to withstand constant usage, this one certainly is. You just pop in a data sim card and you’re good to go.

Boost Your WiFi Signal

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get a decent 4G signal when you’re parked up.

A 4G antenna will improve any weak signal which is great for wild camping. Stick it on your roof or the side of your van to boost your wifi connection anywhere.

Protect Your Gear with Laptop Sleeves

Whether it’s a MacBook or any other laptop, you’ll want to protect it on the road. Some roads will be very bumpy and a well-cushioned laptop case can help protect your expensive possession.

We use the affordable and stylish JETech laptop sleeve. My favourite feature is the front pocket which I use for my Kindle reader. It’s the perfect van-life item.

Zone Out with Some Headphones

Headphones are another must-have item for your campervan.

If you can afford the noise-cancelling headphones, then go for it. We use Sony headphones when working away in the day time.

And when we want to listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos in bed, we just use regular phone headphones.

Van Life Finances

Manage Your Money Better

Making and managing your money on the road can get tricky. Especially if you are moving from country to country and are using different currencies.

For exactly this reason, we both decided to open accounts with Revolut.

This bank operates entirely via a smartphone app which makes it ideal for anyone who travels a lot.

The real bonus for us is the ability to have accounts in different currencies under one account.

We earn and spend in both € Euros and £ British Pounds. The account automatically uses the local currency when we use our phones or cards for any transactions.

Download the app and get a free Revolout account within minutes

Leisurely Campervan Accessories

Campervan Accessories: A lazy scene of a Kindle reader on the wooden worktop, surrounded with a coffee mug, a multicoloured rose & a jar of brown sugar.

Indulge in Your Favourite Books with a Kindle

I’ll admit, I never liked the idea of digital books. I always looked at it as cheating on real books.

But then I was given Kindle Paperwhite as a present.

Then we moved into a van full time and then I realised how amazing it is to have access to any books I want to read, instantly.

Kindle’s a great travelling companion too. It’s lightweight and private – people can’t see the cover of the book, ha.

Relax with an Audible Subscription

Don’t have time to read? Then subscribe to Audible and download hundreds of world-famous audiobooks, stories and podcasts with ease.

Audiobooks are great for relaxing. Some of them even have multiple narrators which help to create an immersive experience. Ideal for some much needed chill time.

Grab a free 30-day trial + get 2 free audiobooks to keep (cancel anytime)! 

Stay Active with a Daypack

The beauty of travelling in a campervan is that you are almost always somewhere beautiful. Like being next to a nature trail or a picturesque village.

To enjoy all those exciting days out, invest in good quality and a comfortable day pack to carry with you

We highly recommend Osprey bags. Having travelled extensively around South East Asia and Europe with Osprey backpacks, we can confirm that they are the real deal. Before you buy, read our honest and detailed review.

Improve Your Travel Photography

You’ll have so much fun travelling in a campervan that you’ll want to capture those beautiful moments all the time.

You’ll also have the time to wait for that perfect golden or blue hour without having to rush back anywhere. I’d know – I live this life.

And if you’ve always wanted to improve your photography, travelling in a campervan is the best way to do it. With the right gear, you’ll have the luxury to shoot the sunset or the sunrise without anyone in sight.

Check out which cameras + lens I use on our travel resources page.

Get Better Shots with Tripod

(Almost) everyone hates tripods. I do too. But if you want to achieve a half-decent shot, you’ve got to use it. Even my basic tripod proved it to me time and time again.

Get one today and find a nice and easily accessible home for it in your motorhome for when you are out and about in the wilderness.

Start Your Day with Yoga

Thinking of doing some yoga in your campervan?

You’ll be surprised how little space you need to do your sun salutation.

But get yourself a good quality yoga mat, something like Proworks Large Padded Yoga Mat.

I use it all the time, it’s really nice and easy on your knees 🙂

Get Your Best Yoga Pants

If you, like me, never owned a proper pair of yoga leggings, maybe it’s time to invest a few $$.

The IUGA high-waisted yoga pants are very comfy and I love the side pockets. They are perfect for slipping my phone in when I do my morning stretch.

You can also wear them for hiking and running. I found them semi-waterproof too.

Invest in Rainproof Gear

Unless you are planning to take your van to sunny California or another sun-filled country in the world, you need to invest in a good quality rainproof gear.

Just before spending over a month in lovely Scotland, we stocked up heavily on rainproof gear which we still use now as we travel across Europe in Custard Cream, our van conversion.

North Face and Kathmandu are, of course, the best (and most expensive) brands, but we found Regatta (women’s) and Beghouse (men’s) jackets to be very good and more affordable.

Remember Outdoor Chairs & Table

No campervan accessories list is complete without some outdoor chairs and table to enjoy those long summer evenings.

If you want to get well-prices camping furniture, it’s best to make a trip to an outlet store near you. Camping equipment is usually cheaper there.

We snagged 2 chairs for just £20 on sale in a store.If there isn’t one near you, you can always check for camping chairs online.

Campervan Accessories: Kitchen and Vanhold Items

Campervan Accesorries: An open drawer in a van showcasing the cutlery, small Italian coffee maker, matches, small torches and other van kitchen essentials.

Choose Eco-Friendly Collapsible Containers

I didn’t know I needed them in my life until I bought them. These space savers will be an amazing addition to your campervan accessories collection. 

The best thing about the collapsible containers is that they don’t take up much space in a drawer/cupboard when not in use.

And, if you don’t fill them up with food leftovers fully, you can squish the container to save space in the fridge. A top item for any campervan kitchen.

Grab a Collapsible Colander

Just like the collapsible containers, the collapsible colander is a useful item for your van life. Of course, you can get a regular one, but when you have limited kitchen space, this collapsible item is the best.

We got ours from a camping store, but Amazon has a nice choice too.

You’ll Love a Collapsible Washing-up Bowl

The collapsible washing-up bowl is another super useful campervan accessory.

Apart from washing up, it’s also handy for carrying your dishes to the washing-up room at a campsite.

And it doesn’t take up any space because it’s…. collapsible. This one even doubles as a handy chopping board.

Kettle – More Collapsible Stuff

Some campervan essentials just can’t be ignored. There’s only so far you can go without a cup of tea.

Grab yourself a basic kettle, otherwise, to save the space, get a collapsible one.

Bamboo Travel Mugs Will Save You Money

Bamboo mugs are our absolute favourite items in our van conversion. Before hitting the road, fill them up with tea and coffee to save your pennies on takeaway drinks.

We love our black & white mountain and cheerful elephant mugs. Plus, they make a great Christmas stocking filler for the van lifers (just saying).

Bamboo Crockery

Forget plastic plates, bowls and mugs. They are tacky and food tastes bad eating from them. Get a bamboo set instead.

They look classy, come in nice colours and designs and look like real crockery, but don’t break. Plus, they are biodegradable.

Swap Your Wooden Chopping Board

Stop thinking of a nice block of wood for a chopping board. It takes up space on your worktop and adds extra weight to the campervan. Get the flexible cutting mats.

Firstly, they won’t take any space in your campervan. Secondly, they are fun to use. Scoop up your chopped veg with the mat and slide them into the pot. Nice and easy.

We grabbed ours from IKEA.

Sturdy Peeler is Your Best Friend

OK, this is not a revelation, but it’s important to invest in a sturdy peeler for your van life. Treat yourself to a good item that will last for a good while.

We got this one from Amazon.

Get a Good Cheese Grater

Buying a block of parmesan is cheaper than a pack of grated cheese. And it only takes a couple of minutes to grate a handful for your freshly made pasta (or noodles).

Don’t treat van life as a secondary lifestyle choice. 

Don’t stock up on cheap items that you will have to replace after a couple of uses. Invest in good pieces that will last. This is the sturdiest cheese grater I’ve ever owned.

Stock up on Openers and Scissors

Scissors, wine, bottle and can opener is an obvious item to have in a campervan but easily forgotten. The good thing is you can buy them pretty much anywhere.

Cook Easy with Non-Stick Pots and Pans

One of the major campervan essentials is a set of non-stick pots and pans. Cooking in a campervan can be enjoyable, with the right tools. You don’t want to be scrubbing your pots after each use.

We have a set of one large non-stick pan, one medium non-stick pot and a smaller non-stick saucepan, from IKEA. And they all worked perfectly so far.

Keep Your Camper Clean

Leave it or take it. But it’s nice to have a rechargeable hand-held vacuum cleaner in a campervan. It works well when it’s raining outside and you don’t want to open the doors to clean the floor.

It’s also great for hoovering the dust of the soft furnishings and front seats.

Have a Brush & Dustbin

When your vacuum battery gives up and you want to get the crumbs out of the campervan, a brush & dustbin come very handily.

It’s also good for brushing out all the stones and dirt from the front of the van after a muddy hike.

Keep Your Items from Sliding

The non-slip mats will be great for lining your draws and cupboards. You can even line the cutlery draw to minimise the noise when driving.

To keep the mats in place, hold them down with either glue or the mighty blue tack. Otherwise, the heavier items in the draws will keep ruffling and pushing them to the back.

Also, we cut up the leftover non-slip mat and placed the pieces in between dishes so they stay in place and don’t make any noise when driving.

Make Great Coffee

Coffee and campervans are made for each other. Although Charlie would disagree, only a few things can beat that gorgeous coffee smell first thing in the morning.

To make things easy in a camper, get a sturdy French press or an Italian coffee maker.

But check if the coffee maker isn’t too small for your gas burner. In which case, you might need to go a size up or get the gas ring reducer.

I love both, this stylish French press and the trusted Italian Espresso Maker. 

Ditch Plastic, Use Real Cutlery

Save the environment and get yourself a good set of cutlery. And remember to get a good sharp knife. Nothing worse than a blunt knife.

Drinks Taste Better from Real Glasses

Water, beer or (cheap) wine always tastes so much better from a proper glass. Living in a campervan doesn’t mean giving up on all nice things in life. You can still have glasses, just less of them.

We have two (again from IKEA) and use them for all kinds of liquids and even desserts such as berries with yoghurt, yum!

Light Your Way in Darkness

You’ve got to have a small torch in a campervan. Because you never know when you will need it. We have two very snazzy Aomees LED rechargeable torches in our cutlery drawer. 

Campervan Wardrobe Accessories

Grey Adidas trainers against a white wall decorated with a grey throw

Keep Your Socks in One Place

Having an organiser in your cupboard can be a real timesaver just by keeping your socks and underwear in separate organisers. Van life is so much easier with foldable storage.

For more ideas, check out these fabric storage boxes.

Do You Need Hangers!?

Yes, hangers. Non-slip hangers even. You’ll be surprised how useful they are when it comes to drying out t-shirts, pants or towels. We have a set of 10 and use them all the time.

These non-slip hangers are perfect. 

Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great campervan accessory. They help to keep your draws and cupboards organised and neat. If you are driving between different climate zones, it helps to keep your t-shirts and warmer clothes organised so that you can access them quickly when you need them.

When we travelled in Scotland, it was mostly overcast and rainy so I kept my woolly jumpers out. But as soon as we hit the road for France, I could just pull out my t-shirt bag from the storage without hassle.

Here’s a full packing cubes review if you need more info before buying.

Decorative Campervan Accessories

Decorative Campervan Accessories: a rose and coffee maker on snug's window sill + grey throw, stripy yellow & white pillow, a box of French patisserie & kindle reader

Keep Hygge with a Throw

Picture a rainy evening and you wrapped in a cosy blanket, reading your favourite book on your Kindle or having a glass of red.

A wool throw, aside from keeping you warm, can add a lot of character and quickly become of of the most used decorative campervan accessories.

Cushions Make Things Fun

Playful cushions are so much fun to have in a van but as long as they are functional. Flimsy cushions are the worst. Get the ones you can lean on comfortably when watching your favourite YouTube videos.

Here’s a cute cushion cover, the ultimate in campervan accessories.

Quality Bedding for Good Night Sleep

Some things are more important than others in a motorhome and bedding is definitely one of the most essential campervan accessories.

It doesn’t have to be mega expensive but something that will help you sleep better. Uncomfortable pillows will only make your neck hurt and no one likes neck pain.

IKEA, again, have a good choice of affordable quilts and pillows. If there isn’t one near you, check them out online.

Nice Linen to Match Your Bedding

Having nice and good quality linen in a campervan, whether you are travelling full time or on a short holiday, is a must. Especially if you have a fixed bed because you see it all the time.

Get something that washes well, feels nice, and complements your campervan colour scheme, if you have one.

They don’t seem to have the exact match anymore at the store, but ours looks something similar to this linen set.

Campervan Bathroom Essentials

Van Life Bathroom Essentials: blue & purple microfibre towels, wooden combs, Argan Oil, rose face scrub, Loccitane hand cream, face cloth and flower decorated cosmetic bag

Flex Tubs are Versatile

Flexible silicone buckets are great for bathrooms. They are also great for storing things. When not in use, it can store all your shower (and other) stuff.

We usually chuck our laundry bag into the tub and shove it into the bathroom. This way, everything stays in one place.

Check out this colourful tub here.

Mirror Alternatives for Your Van

A mirror is an essential part of the bathroom, but you don’t want too much heavy glass in your campervan. The solution is to get a non-glass mirror sheet that you can stick to your bathroom door (or anywhere you like).

We got two reflective acrylic sheets to make it a door length mirror and it works just fine. It might not be the clearest reflexion, but it’s better than looking at the wing mirrors.

 Here are the non-glass mirror sheets we used in our van conversion. 

Stay Neat with Scrubba Wash Bag

Living in a van full time means that sometimes proper laundry days can be few and far between.

But to smarten up your van life (or holiday in a campervan), you could get a special wash bag to wash your laundry anywhere and anytime. Smart choice? We think so.

You probably couldn’t wash your double sheets in it, but for clothes and especially smaller nicknacks like pants and socks (which we all run out of all the time), this pocket-size wash bag could be perfect.

Flip-Flops are Always a Good Idea

A simple tip, but if you don’t own a pair and are planning a motorhome lifestyle, then get your flip-flops today.

They will be great when using public showers and jumping in an out of the van to take out the rubbish or run to the shop.

I bought my pair of Grendha flipflops back when we lived in sunny Malta and have been wearing them non-stop. They are very strong and I love their tribal designs.

Fluffy vs Microfibre Towels

Fluffy towels are lovely, they are soft and so cosy. They also take a lot of precious campervan space and never dry. As much as you love them, consider trying microfibre towels.

Microfibre towels are lightweight, barely take up any space and dry quickly. Plus, they are great for the beach or gym and come packaged in a convenient storage bag.

Shower or no Shower

Shower in a van conversion is a very debatable topic. Is it one of the main campervan accessories or could you go by without it? It all depends on how you’re going to travel. Will you wild camp or stay at campsites?

We decided to have a portable shower which works well inside as well as an outdoor shower.

It has the built-in water filtration system which means that the mechanism reuses the same water. This helps to save water which in some countries can be hard to come by when wild camping.

Here’s what it looks like, if you like it, get it today. 

Own a Travel Wash Bag

Going to a public shower is always a gamble. You’re lucky if you get a hook to hang your clothes on let alone a whole bench for your toiletries. Maybe I am exaggerating, but it helps to have your toiletries organised.

A nice toiletry bag is also great for keeping your items all in one place so you don’t have to scramble around the van early in the morning. Being prepared creates less chaos in a small space. Check out the many cute options here. 

Random but Useful Campervan Accessories

When van living, get a Smidge spray to protect yourself from pesky midges

Steal Our Smart Magnet Ideas

Metal campervans + magnets make a nice duo. These small but extra strong buttons are great for attaching things like blackout curtains to your van.

We’ve customised our own blackout curtain with 10 neodymium magnets sewn around the edges of the fabric. And all we have to do in the evening is stick the curtain to the window and voila, it stays on all night.

We also have a spare set of 10 super strong push pins for any other ingenious ideas like attaching a shower curtain to our van door to create an outdoor shower or sticking a mosquito net around the entrance.

Check out the magnetic push pins or neodymium magnets. 

Buy Midge Insect Repellent

Midges, the tiny pesky critters are a real problem in Scotland. And they all reside at the most beautiful spots of the country. They are not dangerous just very annoying. We found them especially concentrated on the beautiful Isle of Skye.

If you are planning to do the epic North Coast 500 road trip in Scotland, arm yourself with Smidge. It’s really effective. Works on other insects too.

Stay protected from the midge attack, purchase one here before you travel. 

What campervan accessories did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.

An open draw full of campervan accessories for functional kitchen: real cutlery, small Italian coffee maker, two LED torches, scissors, screw driver, cooking utensils + flip-flops on the floor and a blue&white stripy tea towel on a hook. width=”735″ height=”1102″ />
A cosy evening scene achieved inside a van with the campervan accessories such as a vinyl yellow world map lit up with two lights, two stripy pillows, bamboo mug, Kindle reader, MacBook and a throw. width=”735″ height=”1102″ />