Honest London Pass Review - Is the London Pass Worth it?

Honest London Pass Review - Is the London Pass Worth it?
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If you're planning a trip to London in 2020, this honest London Pass Review is written for you!

I've compiled a full list of London Pass attractions and prices and a breakdown of exactly how the London sightseeing pass works. Making it easy to see if it represents good value for your London trip.

If you’re completely new to the London Pass tourist card then one quick read of this in-depth guide will turn you into an expert!

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How does the London Pass work?

The London Pass is a prepaid card, available as a smartphone app too, which gives you entry to 80+ visitor attractions, tours and more across the city.

You buy the card in advance and then visit as many of the places included as you like.

Just show the pass at any of the included attractions, they scan it and you’re good to go in.

In some places, this means you can jump the line.

You can buy a pass for 1, 2, 3, 6 or 10 consecutive days of use in London. There's the option to add an Oyster Travel Card for use on London’s public transport (subway, bus and train network).

You can get the London Pass card posted out in advance of your trip, download it on your smartphone or pick it up when you arrive in London. More on that below.

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London Pass cost - updated for 2020

The London Pass can be purchased in advance of your trip, with or without a transport travel card included.

London Pass prices

Here are the 2020 London Pass prices without transport, for adults and children (age 5 to 15 inclusive).

1 Day Pass
Adult: £75 / Child: £55

2 Day Pass
Adult: £99 / Child: £75

3 Day Pass:
Adult: £125 / Child: £89

6 Day Pass:
Adult: £169 / Child: £125

10 Day Pass:
Adult Pass: £199 / Child: £149

Buy your London Pass from the official website.

London Pass prices including travel

These are the London Pass prices including an Oyster Travelcard for adults and children (age 5 to 15 inclusive).

1 Day Pass
Adult: £90 / Child: £64

2 Day Pass
Adult: £119 / Child: £94

3 Day Pass:
Adult: £155 / Child: £117

6 Day Pass:
Adult: £214 / Child: £157

10 Day Pass:
Adult Pass: £254 / Child: £204

Buy your London Pass with travel from the official website.

TOP TIP: You can easily pick up an Oyster Card at any London rail or subway station during your visit if you don't want to get one in advance.

What are the benefits of the London Pass?

Saving Time - you can currently skip the line at just 8 out of the 80+ attractions included and this benefit is often overstated.

However, you will still save some time collecting tickets at most attractions regardless.

Saving Money - this depends on how many sights you see and the number of days your pass is valid for, more on that later.

From experience, if you visit 3 or more attractions a day you are making a saving but you need to factor in distances and opening hours.

Save Stress - London is a big old city with an endless list of sights to see. Having 1 card for entrance to so many places really does take the stress out of choosing where to go without limiting your choices too much.

I’ll go into more detail regarding these points in my pro-tips section.

Buy your London Pass now

 London Pass Review, St Paul\
St Paul's Cathedral

Is the London Pass worth getting?

The short answer is... yes. The vast majority of visitors to London who wants to visit the world-famous attractions, take tours and explore will benefit from buying a London Pass.

You can use some simple maths to calculate if the London Pass is going to be a good purchase for your visit to London.

Here is the per day costs of each pass:

  • 1 Day: £75 = £75 per day
  • 2 Days: £99 = £50 per day
  • 3 Days: £125 = £42 per day
  • 6 Days: £169 = £28 per day
  • 10 Days: £199 = £20 per day

You can see that the more days you go for the better overall value. For the 2 day pass and above, visiting 3 attractions per day will give you great value.

To get the same value out of a 1 day London Pass is totally possible if you plan your day and know exactly where you want to go.

Here's an example of what you could enjoy with a 1 Day London Pass:

Morning - Westminster Abbey: £23.00
Lunchtime - Riverboat Cruise: £29.25
Afternoon - Tower of London: £27.50
Evening - Shard Viewing Platform: £32.00

Total Cost = £111.75
Saving Made = £36.75

Also see: Suggested itineraries for all pass durations

Who is the London Pass ideal for?

Visitors who have limited time - in London and want to skip the lines and explore the famous attractions.

Families - can enjoy an easier visit with fewer tickets and info to deal with plus there’s the ability to skip some lines so the kids won’t get bored.

Anyone that wants to truly explore London - there are some brilliant quirky 'off the tourist trail' places included in the London Pass and you can cover so much of the city over 6 or 10 days!

Buy your London Pass now

Who is the London Pass not great for?

Visitors coming to see just one or two big attractions - it might work out cheaper to buy just the individual attraction tickets.

Museum fans - there are so many free museums and galleries to visit in London where you only pay for the special time-limited exhibitions.

Longer-term visitors - you’ll have plenty of time to explore the city at your own pace and can benefit from some local seasonal special offers.

What's included in the London Pass?

There are over 80 attractions, tours and experiences included in the London Pass. I've broken them down into the most popular and the rest to help you decide what you want to visit.

Top 10 famous London Pass attractions

Tower of London. Standing proudly on the north bank of the River Thames for nearly 1000 years the ‘Bloody Tower’ and its surrounding fortress demand to be explored.

Top Tip: Let one of the resident ‘Beefeaters’ show you around via a group tour.

1 Adult Ticket Price: £27.00
London Pass Price: FREE

Westminster Abbey. Famous to most as the site of the Kate and Wills Royal Wedding, this ancient building has been the site of coronation for the Kings and Queens of England since the year 1066.

Top Tip: Go as early as you can, it gets crazy busy!

1 Adult Ticket: £22.00
London Pass Price: FREE

Hop On - Hop Off Open Top Bus Tour. You get a ticket valid for 1 calendar day of sightseeing on the open-top double-decker tour bus.

Top Tip: I’d recommend the Classic Red Tour as the best use of your time.

1 Adult Ticket: £34.00
London Pass Price: FREE

Thames River Boat Cruise. Running between Westminster, the London Eye, the Tower of London and out east to Greenwich this is a good way to see London from the water.

Top Tip: Don't believe a word the riverboat 'captains' tell you!

1 Adult Ticket: £19.00
London Pass Price: FREE

The View from The Shard - Take the speedy lift to the viewing platform on floor 70 of London’s tallest building. It makes the city look like a model village from 800ft (244m) up.

Top Tip: Go at sunset and watch London light up!

1 Adult Ticket: £32.00
London Pass Price: FREE

Windsor Castle. Pop and see the Queen’s favourite weekend retreat and the site of the Harry and Meghan Royal Wedding.

Top Tip: The train ride to get there from central London but will take up most of your day.

1 Adult Ticket: £23.00
London Pass Price: FREE

In a hurry? Buy your London Pass now.

Tower Bridge. The big famous bridge in London from all the films and postcards? It’s this one, not London Bridge.

Top Tip: Go inside the bridge and see the river from above through the glass walkways!

1 Adult Ticket: £10.00
London Pass Price: FREE

Kensington Palace. Constructed in 1605, it’s the current London home of Kate and Wills which has connections to Charles and Diana plus generations of royals before them.

Top Tip: There's a massive free playground next door for the kids!

1 Adult Ticket: £20.00
London Pass Price: FREE

Hampton Court Palace. Set in 60 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens this palace is most famous for being the royal residence of the notorious King Henry VIII and some of his six wives.

Top Tip: Factor in the travel time, it’s in deepest West London (Zone 6).

1 Adult Ticket: £21.00
London Pass Price: FREE

St Paul’s Cathedral. Playing host to the famous Charles and Diana wedding of 1981, St Paul’s has been at the centre of national life for hundreds of years.

Top Tip: Climb to the top of the iconic dome for superb views across the city.

1 Adult Ticket: £20.00
London Pass Price: FREE

In a hurry? Buy your London Pass now

 London Pass Review, The Guards Parade
Trooping the Colour

Other London attractions included in the London Pass

Use the tabs here to find what you are interested in doing in London.

Historic London attractions

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre - tours of the iconic reconstructed 1599 Elizabethan playhouse - 1 Adult Ticket: £17.00

Churchill War Rooms - secret underground bunkers used by the government during WW2 - 1 Adult Ticket: £22.00

Handel and Hendrix London - former homes to 2 famous musicians many decades apart. 1 Adult Ticket: £10.00.

The Queens Gallery - explore the royal art collection at Buckingham Palace. 1 Adult Ticket: £5.50.

The Royal Mews - the bit where they keep the royal horses and carriages behind Buckingham Palace. 1 Adult Ticket: £10.00.

Charles Dickens Museum - his only surviving London home is now an extensive museum. 1 Adult Ticket: £9.00.

Banqueting House - pop in quickly to look at the stunning ceiling painted by Peter Paul Rubens. 1 Adult Ticket: £6.50.

Estorick Collection of Italian Art - go if you love the stuff, just out of the centre. 1 Adult Ticket: £6.50.

Chelsea Physic Garden - one of London’s true ‘secret gardens’ to chill out in. 1 Adult Ticket: £6.95.

Eltham Palace - the only English Art Deco home open to the public, worth the trek. 1 Adult Ticket: £13.60.

Wernher Collection - 700 medieval and Renaissance masterpieces in a Georgian Villa. 1 Adult Ticket: £7.60.

Benjamin Franklin House - the historic former residence of one of America's Founding Fathers. 1 Adult Ticket: £8.00.

Apsley House - a grand interior worth exploring with the prestigious address of No.1 London. 1 Adult Ticket: £8.80.

Keats House - the former home of one of history's best-loved Romantic poets. 1 Adult Ticket: £6.50.

Jewel Tower - tiny medieval tower opposite the Houses of Parliament, worth popping in. 1 Adult Ticket: £4.70.

The Wellington Arch - once the back entrance to Buckingham Palace, climb to the top for a nice view. 1 Adult Ticket: £4.70.

Courtauld Gallery - works from iconic Old Masters, Impressionist and Post-Impressionist.

The Old Operating Theatre - step back in time to witness the brutality of medicine from years past. 1 Adult Ticket: £6.50.

In a hurry? Choose your London Pass now

Great for the kids

The Monument - a 311 step climb up to a viewpoint across the old City of London. 1 Adult Ticket: £5.00.

Pollock’s Toy Museum - tiny but fun for the kids it focuses on Benjamin Pollock’s famous paper toy theatres. 1 Adult Ticket: £6.00.

London Brass Rubbing Centre - good for the kids to create a historic souvenir. 1 Adult Ticket: £4.50.

London Zoo - the world's oldest scientific zoo. 1 Adult Ticket: £27.00.

Golden Hind - a reconstruction of Sir Francis Drake’s famous ship, tiny but also great
for kids. 1 Adult Ticket: £5.00.

HMS Belfast - naval warship turned museum, great for kids to explore - 1 Adult Ticket: £16.00

Royal Observatory Greenwich - the centre of the planet as the home of Greenwich Mean Time - 1 Adult Ticket: £15.00

Cutty Sark Greenwich - climb aboard the last surviving tea clipper in the world. 1 Adult Ticket: £13.50.

London Transport Museum - way more interesting than you’d imagine, great for the kids. 1 Adult Ticket: £17.00.

Kew Gardens - stunning Victorian botanical gardens featuring more species than any other in the world - 1 Adult Ticket: £17.00

ArcelorMittal Orbit - an observation tower inside the 2012 Olympic Park. 1 Adult Ticket: £12.50.

London Wetland Center - an oasis of calm in busy west London, another that’s great for kids in need of space. 1 Adult Ticket: £12.25.

Chislehurst Caves - over 20 miles of spooky tunnels to explore, far out of central London though. 1 Adult Ticket: £6.00.

In a hurry? Choose your London Pass now

Hidden London museums

Freud Museum London - the final home of the world-renowned psychoanalyst. 1 Adult Ticket: £8.00.

Museum of Brands - a trip down memory lane for fans of everyday advertising and products. 1 Adult Ticket: £9.00.

London Museum of Water and Steam - true Victorian energy close to Kew Gardens. 1 Adult Ticket: £11.25.

London Motor Museum - good for die-hard petrol-heads but far out of the centre otherwise. 1 Adult Ticket: £30.00.

The Foundling Museum - once a house for London’s abandoned children, now a museum of the city’s social history. 1 Adult Ticket: £7.50.

Florence Nightingale Museum - an interesting exhibition dedicated to the Lady of the Lamp. 1 Adult Ticket: £7.50.

London Canal Museum - the history of London’s waterways and it’s ice cream too! 1 Adult Ticket: £4.00.

Cartoon Museum - explore the history of British cartoon drawing, it’s a jolly giggle. 1 Adult Ticket: £7.00.

The Jewish Museum - a celebration of Jewish life, culture and heritage in London. 1 Adult Ticket: £7.50.

Household Cavalry Museum - royal military history museum and a glimpse into the Queen’s stables. 1 Adult Ticket: £7.00.

The Guards Museum - more royal military history next to Buckingham Palace. 1 Adult Ticket: £6.00.

Fan Museum - I’ll let you guess what’s inside this one. 1 Adult Ticket: £4.00.

In a hurry? Choose your London Pass now

Sports tours and activities

Wembley Stadium Tour - behind the scenes of England’s national football stadium.
1 Adult Ticket: £11.00.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum - tour the hallowed courts of this world-famous tennis club.
1 Adult Ticket: £13.00.

Chelsea FC Stadium Tour - go behind the scenes at the world-famous Stamford Bridge. 1 Adult Ticket: £22.00.

Twickenham Stadium Tour - explore the home of English Rugby. 1 Adult Ticket: £20.00.

Arsenal Stadium Tour - tour the home of the ‘Gunners’ in north London. 1 Adult Ticket: £22.00.

In a hurry? Choose your London Pass now

 London Pass Review , Arsenal Stadium
Emirates Stadium

Guided tours in London

Royal Albert Hall - behind the scenes tours of this famous music venue. 1 Adult Ticket: £13.50.

London Bicycle Tour - view the city from 2 wheels, best to check times and availability well ahead. 1 Adult Ticket: £24.95.

Beefeater Gin Distillery Tour - see just how and where this London tiple is produced. 1 Adult Ticket: £12.00.

Jason’s Original Canal Boat Trip - running between Little Venice and Camden Lock - advance booking needed. 1 Adult Ticket: £9.50.

Brit Movie Tours - see some famous London film locations for Harry Potter etc. Book in advance. 1 Adult Ticket: £12.50.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Walking Tour - 90 minute wanders through London’s musical heritage. 1 Adult Ticket: £9.50

National Theatre Backstage Tours - go behind the scenes, quite literally. Booking required. 1 Adult Ticket: £10.00.

In a hurry? Choose your London Pass now

Other fantastic stuff

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir - stunning Hindu temple and museum in west London. 1 Adult Ticket: £2.00.

Curzon Cinemas in Mayfair, Soho, Chelsea and Bloomsbury - 1 free movie at selected times. 1 Adult Ticket: £15.00.

Movie at the Science Museum Imax - science-related films on a rather massive screen. 1 Adult Ticket: £11.00.

The London Bridge Experience - a tacky scare attraction for teens - 1 Adult Ticket: £29.00

Queens Skate Dine Bowl - 1 free session with each pass. 1 Adult Ticket: £15.50.A complimentary audio guide or guidebook can be picked up free of charge at several of

London’s most popular museums when you show your London Pass. These are all detailed on the site and in the guidebook which comes with the pass.

Buy your London Pass now

More special offers included

There are a few discounts and offers available with your pass for shops, restaurants etc but it’s not really worth listing those here. Check out the official London Pass site for a full list.

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Which attractions are NOT included in the London Pass?

 London Pass Review, Buckingham Palace
Victoria Memorial

It is also useful to know which famous London attractions are not included in the London Pass scheme. Some visitors have felt let down that this city pass does not include every single tourist attraction in London.

Here’s a list of popular places which are not currently included in the London Pass.

The London Eye - the massive observation wheel close by to Big Ben.
1 Adult Ticket: £27.00

SeaLife London Aquarium - right next to the London Eye, lots of fish.
1 Adult Ticket: £25.00

The London Dungeon - popular scare attraction detailing the darker side of London’s past.
1 Adult Ticket: £25.00

Madame Tussauds - the original waxwork museum of the world’s noteworthy.
1 Adult Ticket: £35.00.

Buckingham Palace State Rooms - only open for a few weeks each summer but a chance to see inside the Queen’s London home.
1 Adult Ticket: £24.00

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament - you can book guided tours inside this iconic landmark.
1 Adult Ticket: £20.50

London Museums - there are loads of museums in London such as the British Museum, Natural History Museum and Tate Modern which cost nothing to enter.

The pass will include an audio tour in some of the museums. Entry to any main exhibitions is usually free so it's not a massive saving if you only want to visit these.

TOP TIP: If you do want to visit the places above then you can combine them with a different visitor pass called the London Explorer Pass. With this one you get to chose which attractions you add to the card for the ultimate time and money-saving combo!

Does the London Pass include transport?

 London Pass Review, London Transport
London tube station

The London Pass itself is only valid for the attractions and experiences listed above and can’t be used as a public transport ticket.

There is a Sightseeing Bus Tour and a River Cruise are included in the card, but they are just valid for 1 day each. Plus they might not stop close to where your accommodation.

Taking taxis can soon become expensive in London so using the comprehensive local public transport network is the way to go.

You can purchase the London Pass bundled with an ‘Oyster Travelcard’ which will help you to get around London using the bus, tube (subway), trains and even riverboats.

You’ll get one Travelcard per pass with enough credit loaded onto it to match the duration of your pass validity.

It’s not essential that you purchase them together as it’s easy to grab an Oyster Travelcard at any transport hub across London, including Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

However, if you get them posted out to you in advance then you’ll save some time, hassle and most importantly, avoid purchasing the wrong tickets.

Buy your London Pass now!

Worth knowing...

Children under 11 years of age travel for free on London Transport with an Adult holding a valid Oyster Card and don’t need their own transport pass.

Children aged between 11 and 15 will need one so it’s best to add that to your order.

Where can I buy the London Pass?

You can buy the London Pass online in advance of your trip or purchase one when you arrive in London.

If you’re purchasing the pass with transport just be sure that you have enough time to get it delivered to your address before your trip to London. It can take up to 15 days to countries like the USA and there’s an extra fee for shipping.

TOP TIP: We’d suggest getting it online in advance to save you time and hassle. The easiest way is to use the smartphone app version and simply download it before you arrive.

If you ordered in advance but want to collect the pass in person then you’ll need to head to the Redemption Desk which is located close to Leicester Square (subway exit 1) and Charing Cross underground (metro) stations.

For the collection of the London Pass, the address is:

The London Pass Redemption Desk
11a Charing Cross Road
London, WC2H 0EP

You can also purchase the London Pass on the spot at this address and a few other selected outlets across the city.

London Pass pro tips from a London tour guide

As a former London Tour Guide, I know a thing or two about how to get the best value out of the London Pass. Here are my Pro Tips to help improve your London sightseeing experience.

Check attractions are open

Always check the opening hours of the places you want to visit ahead of turning up at the gate.

Attractions like Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral are used for ceremonies and events and might be closed to the public at short notice.

The foolproof way to avoid disappointment is to check the attraction's website for details and times. A bit time spent doing this can save mega headaches during your stay.

Start early each day

You’ll also notice that a lot of attractions close, or have last admission times, at around 4 to 5 pm. The earlier you can start your days of sightseeing the better to avoid being caught out at your last attraction.

Some places, like The View From The Shard, are open later into the evening so try and leave those until later for maximum pass value.

Don’t rush!

It’s important to take your time and enjoy your visit to London. It’s a massive city and it’s so easy to get obsessed with seeing as much as possible.

Having the London Pass isn’t an endurance challenge and you’ll still save money by visiting 3 things a day. So take it easy out there folks.

Stay close

Backing up the above point, try and pick things that are close to each other to visit each day. Travelling across the city is stressful and uses up lots of time. Use the suggested London Pass itinerary above and you’ll be winning.

Be flexible

Equally, have a few backup spots that you’d like to visit each day just in case something is closed or you have a change of mind.

Your first scan activates the Pass

London Pass operates on calendar days and NOT 24 hour periods!

I’ve met lots of visitors that used their pass for the first time in a gift shop or restaurant at 8 pm. That counted as their first day of use - a massive waste.

The first time you use your pass, i.e. it gets scanned at an attraction, shop or restaurant, it’s validated and the clock is ticking! Make that first scan as early in the day as possible to get full value.

A one-shot deal

You can only visit each attraction just one time, once the pass is scanned then that’s that. You won’t get a second admission ticket no matter how much you enjoyed the Fan Museum the first time around!

Don’t take a break

Once your pass is activated, it is valid for the stated number of consecutive days. If you have a 6-day pass, it will only be valid 6 days in a row so, you can't stop it and start it again. Factor this into your trip, especially if you are leaving London and returning a few days later.

Give me some credit

The London Pass does have a spending limit. Each pass is preloaded with a set credits value. This cannot be exceeded and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

You would have to do some serious sightseeing to hit this limit but it's good to know.

Credit Value for each Adult London Pass:

1 Day Adult - £175.00
2 Day Adult - £297.00
3 Day Adult - £385.00
6 Day Adult - £625.00
10 Day Adult - £925.00

Credit is deducted from the pass at the full gate rate for each attraction, in other words, the highest entry ticket value possible. If you don’t have enough remaining credit to enter an attraction then the pass won’t work.

Avoid travel agents and resellers

I have seen expired passed which visitors have been sold by travel agents. I’d advise that you always purchase a London Pass direct from their site at LondonPass.com to avoid this.

Passes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and will have an expiry date clearly printed on them. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee for a 100% refund if you buy directly just in case your trip plans change.

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Itineraries for the 1, 2, 3 and 6 day London Pass

With a little planning, you can be sure of getting the best value out of your London Pass experience. I’ve put together some sample itineraries for each of the different pass durations to help you out.

The basic idea is to minimise the amount of travel you’ll need to do each day as getting between the attractions can be the biggest time-suck of any visit to London.

Use these to help you plan your time in London and feel free to mix and match the days to make it work for you.

* Indicates free admission with the London Pass

DAY 1 - Royal London

 London Pass, Houses of Parliament
Big ben and the Houses of Parliament

Royal London

Starting Underground Station: Westminster


Start early and grab a tourist-free view of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from the outside.
Beat the crowds and be first in line to explore Westminster Abbey* when it opens at 9.30 am (not Sundays).

Afterwards, pop around the corner to the Jewel Tower* if possible (weekends only) or the superb Banqueting House* along Whitehall.

You’ll be sure to pass the iconic gates of Downing Street on the way, the British Prime Minister lives at No.10 here.

If you’re still going strong then don’t miss the atmospheric Churchill War Rooms* nearby.


There are lots of local pubs offering a hearty lunch such as the Sherlock Holmes Pub on Northumberland Avenue, try some Fish and Chips here!

This is also one street from Benjamin Franklin's House* if it’s open.


Stroll through the famous Trafalgar Square where art lovers can pop into the National Gallery* and grab a free audio tour here.

Next, find your way towards Horse Guards Parade. Here you can pop into The Household Cavalry Museum* to learn why there are guards on horseback standing here. Wander through St James’s Park and you’ll arrive in front of Buckingham Palace.

Head to the left for the Royal Mews*, Queen’s Gallery* or Guards Museum*. Otherwise, take a right and you’ll get to the Wellington Arch* and Apsley House*, equally worth a quick visit.


There aren’t many places to eat in the Buckingham Palace area so I’d suggest heading towards the Soho and Covent Garden area for a decent bite to eat.

London Pass Attractions Covered* : 12
Toal Adult Entry Value: £98.95

Purchase your 1 Day London Pass here

DAY 2 - The Old City of London

 London Pass, Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

Starting Underground Station: Tower Hill


Another early start to be first into the Tower of London*, just make sure you join onto the first Beefeater Tour of the day. Allow 2-3 hours as there’s plenty to explore inside including the Crown Jewels.

Tower Bridge* is up next and you can walk along the riverside and up the steps to reach the entrance.

You’ll exit on the south side of the River Thames so head towards London Bridge, about 15-minute pleasant walk along the riverside. On the way you'll see the massive HMS Belfast* battle cruiser moored here as a museum, it's a good one for the kids to explore!

Here you’ll find the tacky London Bridge Experience* scare attraction, ideal for teens, and the equally gruesome but historical Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret*.


You’re right next to the famous Borough Market, great for a massive choice of tempting eats. Well done you!


Walk a bit further west along the river for the Golden Hynde*, another fun ship for the kids to explore.

Beyond that, you'll see the superbly reconstructed Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Exhibition* or the stunning Tate Modern Gallery* where you can grab a free audio tour.

Hop across the iconic Millenium Bridge and you’ll walk right up to St Paul’s Cathedral*. Save some energy to climb the 400+ steps to the top of the dome for an amazing view of the city.


You’ll surely be in need of some refreshment by now and luckily this area, the ancient City of London, is packed with great pubs and restaurants. Pop into the City Information Centre across the street from St Paul’s if you need some suggestions.

London Pass Attractions Covered* : 8
Total Adult Entry Value: £126.80

Purchase your 2 Day London Pass here
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DAY 3 - Glorious Greenwich

 London Pass Review, Greenwich
Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich

Starting Underground Station: Depends on Accommodation


Start by jumping aboard the Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus*, just pick the closest stop to where you are staying. Most stops will get their first bus of the day by 9.30am, I'd suggest the Red or Blue Tour if possible.

Once you've seen some sights hop off at stop 3 or 31 for the Thames River Cruise*. The earlier the better to beat the crowds but mornings are usually quiet at Westminster Pier.

Stay aboard the boat to reach Greenwich, east of the central London area, it takes around 90 minutes from Westminster and passes many famous sights on the way.


Fresh off the boat you'll find plenty of food options in Greenwich, from the iconic Goddards Pie and Mash Shop to the tasty food stalls at the busy Greenwich Market. You'll find something for any budget here.


Pop into the Cutty Sark* for a unique experience which is ideal for the kids and then up the hill in Greenwich Park to the Royal Observatory*. Here you can stand on the world's central timeline at Greenwich Mean Time.

Hop back on the boat and jump off at Tower Pier to get back into the city. A few minutes walk away is the Medieval church of All Hallows by the Tower* where you can get a free guide and explore the spooky crypt underneath.

Also nearby you can enjoy the views from the top of The Monument* at the north end of London Bridge.


Just across the river is The View from The Shard* where you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset over London from the top of western Europe's tallest skyscraper. It's usually open until around 9 am but check their site for impromptu closures.

London Pass Attractions Covered* : 7
Total Adult Entry Value: £102.45

Purchase your 3 Day London Pass here

DAY 4 - Windsor Castle

 London Pass Review, Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

Starting Underground Station: Paddington

Relax and spend a full day out of London at the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, Windsor Castle*.

To get there you can take the mainline train from Paddington Train Station, where a certain famous little bear got his name.

Board a train for Slough and change at Slough for a train to Windsor & Eton Central. The passcard is valid for this route so please don't waste your Oyster credit! The journey takes around 35 minutes.

You can also catch the Guard Change ceremony outside the castle on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 11 am throughout 2019. A neat bonus and it's much easier to observe than the sister ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

After you've seen the castle there's a lovely riverside walk to enjoy and plenty of good spots to eat nearby if you're lingering in Windsor.

Otherwise, just behind Padding Station is Little Venice, the starting point for Jason's Original Canal Boat Trip*. You could take the 2.30 pm trip over to Camden Lock if you get back to London in time, booking is advised.

London Pass Attractions Covered* : 2

Total Adult Entry Value: £30.70 + train fare saving

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DAY 5 - Posh Old Chelsea and Kensington

 London Pass Review, Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Hall

Starting Underground Station: High Street Kensington


Kick things off at Kensington Palace* which opens at 10 am and be first in to explore the 400-year-old royal residence.

Next head across the street to enjoy 1-hour tour behind the scenes at the stunning Royal Albert Hall*. Just remember to check in advance for any closures due to upcoming events.


There are plenty of lunch options along Kensington High Street to suit all budgets. Or you could always pop into Harrods down the street for a posh feast!


Stay in this area to enjoy any of the big 3 museums which are all free to enter, you'll only need to pay for any special exhibitions you wish to visit. However, paid exhibitions at the V&A* are free with a London Pass, as is the IMAX at the Science Museum* also.

For any football fans, I'd suggest hopping on the Underground (tube) 3 stops to Fulham Broadway Station for the Chelsea Stadium Tour* around Stamford Bridge.

Otherwise, head towards the river, just beyond the famous Kings Road, and relax at the Chelsea Physic Garden* or try and spot a Chelsea Pensioner at the National Army Museum*.


Unwind with a film at the Curzon Chelsea* after enjoying some traditional British pub grub in one of the many local establishments.

London Pass Attractions Covered* : 8
Total Adult Entry Value: £101.95

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DAY 6 - Hampton Court

 London Pass Review, Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace

Starting Train Station: Waterloo or Wimbledon


Take the train from either Waterloo or Wimbledon rail stations, whichever makes the most sense depending on where you are staying. Head to Hampton Court Station, it's at the end of the train line and right across the river from this stunning Tudor palace, you can't miss it!

Spend as much time as you need to explore the stunning halls, chambers, chapel and extensive gardens of Hampton Court Palace*. Don't miss the famous Maze which has befuddled many a royal through the years.


There are a restaurant and cafe at the Palace or a few options for food near the station.


Take the train back to Wimbledon Train Station and grab a bus to the Wimbledon Tour Experience*. The guides here really know their stuff and you don't need to be a tennis nut to enjoy the tour and interactive museum.


Why not stay in Wimbledon for a meal, it's one of the many old 'villages' of London which have long since been absorbed into the ever-expanding city.

London Pass Attractions Covered* : 2
Total Adult Entry Value: £33.90

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London Pass FAQs

  1. What's included in the London Pass? The London Pass includes free admission to over 80 of London's museums, monuments, palaces, tours, and many other popular visitor attractions.
  2. Is it worth buying the London Pass? The London Pass is ideal for visitors who have limited time to explore London. It can also work well for families who want to save some time, money and hassle during their visit. Visiting 2 to 3 of the bigger attractions per day will make it worthwhile.
  3. What is the difference between the London Pass and the London Explorer Pass?The London Pass is a pre-loaded sightseeing card with 80+ attractions included. The Explorer Pass lets you choose which attractions you add to the card. It can include attractions like the London Eye which the London Pass does not include.
  4. Does the London Pass include an Oyster card? An Oyster Card can be added to your London Pass order if you wish. Alternatively, it's easy to get an Oyster Card when you are in London.
  5. Where can I buy a London Pass? You can buy a London Pass online and have it mailed out to you or download the app version in advance of your visit. Alternatively, there are a few outlets which sell the pass in London.